Project: Work of art at a train station

Location: Doetinchem

Project description:

At a first glance you would not expect this art project to involve a lot of work. You might not often realise that this type of art project requires a great deal of preparation.

You have to work with an artist and a client, you have to give a great deal of consideration to the choice of materials and as is the case in all situations: provide a solid foundation.

We were approached by a foundation that wanted to present a work of art as a gift to the Municipality of Doetinchem. The idea had already been thought up: it had to be models of ‘passengers’ from 1 piece of metal who are holding umbrellas. This is inspired by a work of art from Den Bosch.

We subsequently completed this project in its entirety; from the choice of materials through to placement of the models, from pouring the foundation to the tops of the umbrellas.

By making use of 3D programs we demonstrated in advance what the work of art could look like, and also identified the conditions that the foundation would have to meet. From a picture to the assembly at the train station.


Fortunately, high demands are placed on quality and safety. Our steel workers have, of course, the required qualifications, for example, VCA (Safety, Health and Environment checklist Contractors), elevated work platform and fork-lift truck certificates. To guarantee the quality of our organisation, we are also ISO 9001 certified and our structural and welding quality is demonstrated by the fact that we are accredited to CE Standard EN 1090 execution class.