A staircase. Purely functional or intended to serve as the focal point of a building. Practical, to ascend or descend, as an escape route or to enhance the appearance of a building to a higher level.

Whatever material you choose or whatever function the staircase should have: a staircase is always custom-made.

We will be happy to advise you on the use of materials or the surface treatment. We only work with high-quality materials. Besides staircases, we also manufacture various types of fencing and railings that seamlessly fit all the Tiggelovend-Kok staircases.

Tiggelovend-Kok offers a wide range of staircases, such as:

  • Spiral staircases
  • Winding staircases
  • Straight flight staircases
  • Cage ladders

Inquire about the possibilities for your building.

All stairs and fencing are unique and custom designed.


Fortunately, high demands are placed on quality and safety. Our steel workers have, of course, the required qualifications, for example, VCA (Safety, Health and Environment checklist Contractors), elevated work platform and fork-lift truck certificates. To guarantee the quality of our organisation, we are also ISO 9001 certified and our structural and welding quality is demonstrated by the fact that we are accredited to CE Standard EN 1090 execution class.