Project: Restaurant Nieuwe Tijd

Location: Duiven

Project description:

At the request of a local builder we have produced a tailor-made evacuation staircase for the Nieuwe Tijden restaurant in Duiven. The restaurant has undergone significant alterations so that it can now provide seating for around 800 visitors simultaneously. In the event of fire or another calamity it must be possible to evacuate the building in a safe and responsible manner.

An escape staircase had to be constructed at the rear of the building within a very short period.

We calculated in advance which load capacities this escape staircase would have to bear.

Safety is obviously the main priority. In addition, we have also taken into consideration the aesthetic aspects of the staircase.

Our Engineering department designed a staircase with a step width of 2400 mm. The staircases are hot-dip galvanised and provided with grating steps and railings. The guests can descend the stairs on both the right and the left, which halves the time of handling a large group of people.

The staircase has been largely prepared in advance in our workplace and installed on site by our assembly employees.


Fortunately, high demands are placed on quality and safety. Our steel workers have, of course, the required qualifications, for example, VCA (Safety, Health and Environment checklist Contractors), elevated work platform and fork-lift truck certificates. To guarantee the quality of our organisation, we are also ISO 9001 certified and our structural and welding quality is demonstrated by the fact that we are accredited to CE Standard EN 1090 execution class.